Friday, August 13, 2010

Tehillim: Elul Through 10 days of Teshuva

Posqim - inlcuding Mishnah Brura advocate reciting Tehillim twice during Elul. In fact by doing 10 kappitlach a day, one can finish Tehillim twice; and the total of 300 chapters represents the G'matriya of "kapper"

But 10 chapters a days is a tad unwieldly. Because they vary in size so much, any day that includes kappitel 119 would be onerous.

Tehillim is already divided into a 30-day plan. So the simple technique I have subscribed to is as follows:
  1. Elul: do ONE cycle of Tehillim using the existing monthly cycle.
  2. During the 10 Days of Teshuva, use the 7 days of non-YomTov and of the weekly cycle. Thus, e.g. this year, on Tzom Gedalyah you do the Yom Rishon section ending on Erev YK with the Yom Shevi'i section
  3. If you have time you can divided RH & YK and do a 3rd cycle
Ketiva vaChatima Tova!

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