Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shmini Atzeret - why Sukkah YES and Lulav NO?

Why do we sit in the Sukkah in the Golah on Sukkot but do not take the Lulav etc. on Shmini Atzeret? This question has bothered me since I was a kid - AND there are MANY reasons given.

  1. Why are Hanukkah and Purim observed only 8 and 1 day respectively in the Golah? Why not add a day?
  2. Why is Sefirah done on the 2nd day of Passover as definite and not done on both 2nd and 3rd keeping 2 counts out of doubt?
Answer: The above are only Derabbanan. Extrapolate to Sukkot - and Sukkah is D'orraito ALL 8 Days while Lulav is Derabban after day 1. [Except in the Mikdash, but the mikdash of course never has a sfeika d'yoma anyway.]

So Sukkah on the 8th day in the Golah is a "S'feik D'oraitta l'humra" while Lulav is a "S'feik Derabbana l'kulah"

Q: But Rabbi - why isn't this answer given?
A: Wolpoe's Rule #1 of Oral Law -
We often know the WHAT to Do, but we do not always know the WHY!
This model seems to me more straightforward than the various answers I have seen given over the years!


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Tuesday, 2 October, 2007

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NishmaBlog Poll Results Re: Hanukkah 2008

A new "Spin" on Hanukkah" - Now that the Temple no longer exists - why celebrate Hanukkah?

  • We still have minor celebrations for the Dedicatinsof Mose's Tabernacle and of Solomon's Temple 1 (4%)
  • The Hellenists tried to destory Judaism and we survived and they failed. 7 (33%)
  • The Miracle of the Oil Still Signigifes God's Everlasting Providence 8 (38%)
  • The Rabbis needed to fill the gap between Sukkot and Pesach with additional Celebrations 0 (0%)
  • We need a Holiday to Compete with Xmas 3 (14%)
  • To support the "oil" industry. 0 (0%)
  • To Provide more Light during the dark days surrounding The Winter Solstice 1 (4%)
  • To Celebrate one of Our few victories against our Oppressors. 1 (4%)
  • When theTemple Burned, Some one forgot to repeal it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ner Hanukkah on Friday Night - SA 679:1

The mechabeir pasqens to light Hanukkah BEFORE Ner Shabbos

But lich'ora, tadir v'sheino tadir, tadir qodem and Ner Shabbat should come first

MB 1 says while Mechabeir doesn't really hold that Qabbalas Shabbos starts with lighting Ner Shabbos, rather he is merely chosheish for that Sheetah, [aparently that of the BeHaG as quoted By SA himself 263:10]

Lich'ora this should also mean that the mechaber should pasqen to light Ner Shabbos before the Brachah! IOW not over la'assiyasson.

But then I realized that perhaps the mechaber is only chosheish for the BeHaG that LIGHTING starts Shabbos, but not for the Mordechai who holds the BRACHAH starts Shabbos, so "yeish lechaleiq"