Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to the New Nishma Minhag

For the past several years I have been moderating Nishma Minhag as a Yahoo Group. I found that for the most part Yahoo Groups are not as flexible as Blogger. And so I am inaugurating this new edition of Nishma Minhag on Blogger AKA

I plan to port most or all of the posts from the old Yahloo Group. Plus I plan to port many of the NishmaBlog Post that are Minhag-Centric over here. ThereWILL be overlap and BE"H it will be handled by posting on one BLOG and post a link to the other. This may go on a case by case basis

This also provides the flexibility to post multiple times to ONE blog and to summarize them by posting the links on thead one thread on the other Blog.

Kol Tuv