Friday, July 16, 2010

SA O'Ch 551:11 - and Poreitz Geder

How did RY Karo, the M'chabeir of the SA, differ from other Posqim who challenge
the Hegemony of Current Practice?

In this day and age we have non-Orthodox movements on the Left challenging Orthodoxy by using "halachic principles". RNCL seems to also question normative practice from a leftward position

Plus the various Neo-Karaite camps of various flavours are also looking to  up-end Halachah as we know it to be replaced by a Talmudic or Maimonidean Fundamentalism. Their approach seems more rightward in saying tht Halachah may not progress from Talmudic times, AND once it has we MUST Regress and restore it back to its pristine foundations. Although some friends feel that this fundamentalism is a trojan horse masking Reformist tendencies

RY Karo might have seen the Halchic loophole of permitting meat during the nine days. But he also saw that exploiting it where the issur had been established was "poreitz geder"

Mei-inyana d'yoma see SA O"Ch 551:11 in the m'chabeir

"Kol me she"ochel bassar b'maqom shenohagim bo issur, POREITZ GEDER ..."

The revisionists, on the left are thus prone to being "poretz geder".

Indirectly, the Right does not get off scott-free here either because many flimsy Humrot and other Revisionistic tendencies have undermined trust in our traditions and enabled revisionism on the left. [Law of unintended consequences] They don't see the Causal nexus, because they're so frum. Yet to me, discarding tradition, is often a "meta-message" being sent out when valid Traditions are ignored by the Right. Once distrust has set in, the left can manipulate it, too

For a great mashal, see Avot der. Nathan [ADRN] re: Anigonos ish Socho and how his dictum backfired. Hachamim nowadays have to see how their attempts at buttressing Halachah might undermine it in the long run if they do so arbitrarily.

Another Mashal the Midrash on Adam and Havvah re: "v'lo tig'u bo"

Here's the nimshal:
First the right issues a humra that is "unfounded" then the Left seduces others by "shlugging up" the right with texts. Thus, Tradition goes by the wayside when we ignore it to further an agenda.