Friday, July 16, 2010

Shabbos Hazzon - Lechah Dodi and Eli Tziyyon

How can we mourn publicly on Shabbos By chanting L'cha Dodi to the tune of Eli Tziyon?


  1. While the tune is mournful, that does not necessarily constitute "mourning"in a technical sense!
  2. Many congregations chant the passuk Eicha in the Torah Reading and most of theHaftara of Hazzon to the Megilas Eicha "trop".  So what's the big deal doing Lecha Dodi, too?
  3. Tunes for Lecha Dodi sometimes reflect the season. Therefore the melody isn't in order to mourn but to remind one of the time of year.
  4. Hazanim already reicte the  plea of Bneh Vais'cha kevatchila on Yom Tov to the Eli Tziyyon motif! 
  5. Most Obvious:  Shabbos does not start - according to most Pos'qim - untilMizmor Shir or Bor'chu.  Therefore, Lecha Dodi precedes Shabbos anyway