Friday, July 16, 2010

A 9 Days Shower - The Navy to the Rescue?

Given Bathing for pleasure is restricted before Av 9, either all 9 days or at least shavua shehol bo... The dilemma - how to stay "clean" w/o stepping on this restriction?

The Navy Method to the Rescue

A friend of mine served on subs and destroyers. The Navy needed to preserve precious fresh water. He described the Navy shower as follows: 

Step 1
Pull a ring and water flows to soak one's body

Step 2

The sailor then lathers himself with soap w/o any water flowing

Step 3

The sailor pulls the ring again and rinses off all of the soap and dirt.
(I'm guessing that Steps 1-3 might be repeated in an extreme case)

Thus we have a shower technique that effectively cleans while minimizing "hana'ah"